Bite Correction/Reconstruction

F. Charles Heggli, DDS





 Has your mouth been significantly affected by damage or decay? Having a dysfunctional smile can severely impact your day to day activity like eating, drinking, even smiling. Nobody likes to be plagued by a less than stellar appearance, so to help Dr. Heggli and his team can work with you to plan your complete full mouth reconstruction

. Full-mouth reconstruction is a term that we use to describe a combination of restorative dentistry procedures. Each full-mouth reconstruction is different, because we plan every treatment according to the individual needs of the patient. Our goal with full-mouth reconstruction is to successfully rebuild your bite and return your quality if life to it’s original state. We often use dental implants, bridge’s to permanently replace your teeth and for patients who have gum disease, we respond with periodontal treatment. These are a few of the procedures which we can include. We actively engage our patients in the planning of their full-mouth reconstruction, so feel free to ask any dental questions you like! Call us today to schedule your appointment.



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